Making a Life: Conversation No. 6—with Jordana Munk Martin and Mia Morikawa

Making a Life: Conversation No. 6—with Jordana Munk Martin and Mia Morikawa

For this special event Melanie Falick will be speaking with Jordana Munk Martin of TATTER and Mia Morikawa of 11.11 about the stories cloth tells; the intersection of slow fashion and DIY; and how Jordana and Mia came together to envision a new line of organic yarns and finished goods that could provide sustainable economic support to artisans and farmers in the Kutch region of India. 


JORDANA MUNK MARTIN is the founder of TATTER, a library, workshop center, and creative hub dedicated to the examination and celebration of the essential role of cloth in human life. She is the former board president of the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY, as well as the founder of its Artist in Residence program. She serves as a trustee of the Craft and Folk Art Museum (recently renamed Craft Contemporary) in Los Angeles.

MIA MORIKAWA is the cofounder of 11.11, a contemporary fashion label that develops small-batch clothing and home goods in collaboration with artisan communities across India. In the process, 11.11 strives to build power and equity in indigenous communities, celebrate and sustain traditional skills, and create classic, long-lasting textiles with the lowest carbon footprint possible.


Melanie Falick is an independent writer, editor, and creative director—and a lifelong maker. She is the author, most recently, of Making a Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant to Live


Making a Life: The Conversation is an online event series developed by Melanie Falick to generate meaningful, thought- and action-provoking discussions about why making by hand and making the ordinary extraordinary are vital to our personal, community, and environmental wellness.

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